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Loysville Youth Development Center School

The Loysville Youth Development Center (LYDC) School is an educational program designed to serve adjudicated youth.  This program provides a portion of the student’s education during their stay.  Emphasis is placed on competencies in reading, math, job readiness, as well as Career and Technology Education.

LYDC School provides high quality education for students from ages 12 to 21. Students are expected to continue their education as part of the treatment program; therefore, they attend school daily for educational services.  Educational programming is individualized to meet the needs of the students.

Students are able to earn a High School Diploma through the Department of Education by meeting Chapter 4 requirements.  Many students leave the facility with experiences in Career and Technology Education; these experiences include Food Services, Automotive, and Building Trades.

More Information

Cynthia Lupold, Principal

Loysville Youth
Development Center

24 Opportunity Drive
Loysville, PA 17047

Loysville Youth Development Center School Mission To provide an education that will allow students to return to the community with an enhanced self-image and function as a socially productive member.