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Keystone State ChalleNGe Academy (KSCA)
KSCA Cadet in Training

The Keystone State ChalleNGe Academy (KSCA) is a tuition-free residential program housed at Fort Indiantown Gap in Annville, Pennsylvania. Participants in the 22-week program work toward earning high school credits toward graduation or earning a high school equivalency. The KSCA is a joint effort between the Pennsylvania Department of Military and Veteran Affairs and the National Guard Bureau in consultation with the Pennsylvania Department of Education.


Our mission is to provide Pennsylvania teens who are struggling in high school a path to achieve the self-discipline, education, and skills necessary to succeed as productive, responsible citizens through an engaging, safe, and structured residential experience at Fort Indiantown Gap, PA.


KSCA Cadets Group Photo

Our vision is to be a life changing opportunity for every Cadet, supported by a Cadet-focused teamWe will provide a fresh opportunity for Pennsylvania high school aged students to find renewed success outside of their current school setting, to improve their academic standing, and to increase their potential for future employment or further education. A professional, mutually supporting team is unified in the collective goal of improving the lives of teens who are seeking direction, purpose and understanding.

The Eight Core Components

The KSCA’s purpose is to help cadets become well rounded, responsible and productive citizens using the Eight Core Components curriculum. All cadets must demonstrate mastery of each component to complete the program. Together with other important core components, cadets will graduate with a solid foundation for continued success.

  1. Academic Excellence: All cadets attend 20 weeks of academic classes preparing them for testing for the GED or credit recovery to return to their home school district. Classes are taught by CAIU teachers certified in English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Special Education.
  2. Responsible Citizenship: Instruction on the structure and processes of the US Government along with individual rights and responsibilities.
  3. Life Coping Skills: Classes designed to increase the cadets' self-awareness, self-discipline, and independent living skills.
  4. Leadership and Followership
  5. Job Skills: Exploration of and preparation for possible career options.
  6. Health and Hygiene: Classes on hygiene, nutrition, substance abuse prevention, human sexuality, family planning, and communicable diseases.
  7. Physical Training: Daily physical fitness activities and standards that work towards improvement of a timed one-mile run, sit-ups, and push-ups.
  8. Services to the Community: Cadets will volunteer to a minimum of 40 hours as a group or individual for community service and conservation projects.


KSCA Cadets Group Activity

Students qualify for admission if they are:

  • Between the ages of 16-18 at the start of the class.
  • Struggling in school academically or socially putting them at risk of not graduating.
  • Not under indictment for or ever convicted of a felony.
  • Be free (or willing to be free) from use of illegal drugs, alcohol, and tobacco products.
  • Voluntarily participating in the program with parent/legal guardian approval. (Student cannot be forced.)
  • Physically and mentally capable of participating (with reasonable accommodations).
  • A citizen or lawful permanent resident of the United States.

The admissions process will require a completed application with supporting documentation from the applicant's home school district, and an orientation plus interview of both the applicant and parent or guardian.

Application Form

Keystone State Challenge Academy


BLDG 7-14
Fort Indiantown Gap
Annville, PA 17003

Application Form

Download and complete this fillable PDF, then submit by email or mail.