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Expulsion & Suspension

It is difficult to imagine that infants, toddlers, and preschoolers would be excluded or expelled from a childcare or preschool program because of their behavior. But there is growing evidence that young children are asked to leave child care and preschool settings three times as often as school-age children. Fortunately, there are resources for families who are experiencing this concern.

If you have received word from your Keystone Star connected facility or other childcare facility that your child is having behavior concerns and your child may be at risk of suspension or expulsion you have a few options:

  • Receive a referral for Program Support
  • If you have a pre-existing or established relationship with your local EI Services provider or Early Learning Resource Center (ERLC): Please reach out to them directly to receive program support.
  • If the child is already receiving EI Services: The IFSP/IEP Team will respond by having a discussion about adding a previously unidentified behavior to the IFSP/IEP or work with child care personnel to develop or share strategies.
  • If the child has not previously been evaluated for EI Services: The IFSP/IEP Team will work with the child's family to schedule an EI evaluation. The child will either receive EI Services, or the EI evaluator will assist the family in accessing other supports.
  • If the child has previously been evaluated for EI Services and does not qualify: The family should contact EI Services with concerns and ask about re-evaluation.
  • In the interim, the family should continue to work with the ELRC in order to receive appropriate program supports.

Rapid Response Team

Rapid Response Team

The CAIU Rapid Response Team is deployed to a child care center to help assist the center with providing additional strategies and tools when pre-school aged children not currently connected to an Early Intervention Program are experiencing difficult behaviors and at risk of being expelled or suspended.

The Rapid Response Team is an additional support to some of the counties in the Child Care Consultants (CCC)/Early Learning Resource Center Region 9 area and can be accessed through the CCC referral system. The goal of this team is to help children remain in their child care setting and to prevent expulsion and suspension due to challenging behaviors.

Check with your local Early Learning Resource Center to see if you have a Rapid Response Team in your area.


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