Class Placement Services

​Diagnostic Class

Located at Hill Top Academy, this short-term, comprehensive program is designed to assess students’ needs in a wide range of areas in order to determine the most appropriate longer-term placement that best suits each student. This is a K-12 class in which a student is assigned for a maximum of 45 days. Class size is limited to eight students. During this placement, students receive academic, psychological, and other assessments determined by the student's needs. Typically, students already have an IEP and/or they have failed to progress in a general education setting despite various interventions. Upon completion of this intensive program, the district and family will be given an extensive evaluation/reevaluation report, a new IEP, and recommendations for an appropriate school placement. Throughout the process, additional community resources are often made available to the student and family.
For additional information, please contact:

Rachel Montiel
Assistant Principal

(717)732- 8400, Ext. 8019