Salary Information

Bargaining Unit

Salary steps (vertical movement) are based upon years of service, as determined by the Human Resources Team in relation to the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

Salary grades (horizontal movement) are based upon educational degree(s) earned and/or number of credits (i.e., +15).

Professional Staff: In most instances on the professional staff salary schedule, 1 step = 1 year of PA public school experience, up to step 5. After that, each step is worth 1.5 – 2 years of experience due to compaction. For licensed professionals, years of experience are based on time spent working directly with children.

Paraprofessional Staff: Due to heavy compaction of steps during the last two CBAs, most paraeducators will begin employment at a step 1.

Salaries are non-negotiable, as provided for by the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Classified and Support

Classified (Non-Exempt) Staff: Salaries for classified staff are, for the most part, based on years of experience in that type of job, such as 1-10 years = low range, 11-19 years = mid range, and 20 or more her maximum range. These ranges are established by the PA School Boards Association after reviewing and calculating rates of other schools and districts in our region.

Support (Exempt) Staff: Salaries for support staff are based on the current market values for public sector employees in that job/field.

Please note: These the below schedules are provided to give prospective employees a possible range of salaries for the position(s) for which they are applying. A definite salary will not be calculated for any applicant until such time as a verbal job offer is made