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CAIU Non-Public Schools

CAIU’s Aid to Non-Public Schools (ANPS) Services Team provides auxiliary programs to eligible non-public schools in the IU’s footprint. The supplemental services benefit students in grades K – 12 and aim to support their success in the students’ regular education program. Depending on the size of the non-public school, their specific needs, and available funds and personnel, services may include:

  • Reading and math intervention and remediation (direct or consultation)

  • School counseling (direct or consultation)

  • Social work services (direct or consultation)

  • Speech and language services

  • School psychological services

  • Occupational therapy consultation

  • Language Intervention or English language learners (direct or consultation)

More Information

Lisa Klingler, Supervisor
717-732-8400 x8041

Kelly Evans
Assistant Supervisor
717-732-8400 x8522