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The Green Apple Podcast - Creating Opportunities through Real experience in Education

2 episodes

The Green Apple Podcast is a place for educators, families, school leaders and community members to get to “the CORE” of educational issues. Developed by the staff of The Capital Area Intermediate Unit, this podcast aims to reach the educational community of the 26 regional School Districts in Pennsylvania’s Capital Region: and beyond- by Creating Opportunities through Real Experiences!

The Green Apple Podcast


Introduction to the Green Apple Podcast: Our Why?
Are you a teacher or educator in the capital region looking to sharpen your skills, or learn a new strategy? Are you looking to find ways to grow your knowledge base and hear from others in the field doing the work? Are you the family member of one of our students that wants to stay up to speed on best practices? Maybe you’re just curious about what’s going on at the CAIU. In any event, we hope you have found the right place!
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Stress Management and Self-Care
We discuss the effects of stress in our daily lives and how to manage it with self-care and healthy living. The last two years have given us a new vocabulary for stress! We have all probably found each other in need of a good strategy or two for how to just deal. This podcast will take a dive into understanding the impact of stress on the human body, and some useful strategies to make life a little easier.