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About Us

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At Compass, we believe that the voices of families and students are an integral part of the education system. Our mission is to foster understanding and connection between cultures. We provide culturally and linguistically responsive services that promote multilingual family and student engagement. The interpreters, translators, and cultural navigators at Compass are committed to building trust with all our clients.

Why Choose Us

Our interpreters, translators, and cultural navigators adhere to the ethics of the field and understand the expectation of maintaining confidentiality. The services offered through Compass are specialized in the field of education and multilingual staff are trained in school processes, procedures, and technical vocabulary. We strive to be the trusted voice that brings connection to all individuals in the educational system.

Why Are Our Services Needed?

Educational agencies are in need of services that will not only allow them to comply with federal regulations of providing quality interpretation and translation but will also assist them in engaging multilingual students and families meaningfully. There may be times that the needs of the students, families, and staff go beyond the scope of an interpreter and translator. In these instances, the work of our cultural navigators can bring cultural understanding and provide mentorship to students and families as they adapt to a new environment.


Pricing Structure

Most services are Title III eligible. As a reminder, please review Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Equal Educational Opportunities Act (EEOA), and ESSA, Section 8101(20), ESSA, Section 3201(5), And ESSA, Section 6115(g) for further guidance on allowable expenses for English Learners.

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