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Champions for Children

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What is Champions for Children?

Champions for Children is a nationally growing campaign adopted by local organizations, institutions, and businesses to meet the needs of all children. Those of us associated with the campaign believe we have a responsibility to invest in the growth and development of the children in our communities.

What is the Mission of the Capital Area Intermediate Unit Champions for Children?

The mission of the Capital Area Intermediate Unit (CAIU) Champions for Children is to improve the lives of children with special needs who are currently receiving Capital Area Intermediate Unit services. We believe the Capital Area Intermediate Unit has the capacity to muster the resources in our communities to fulfill the needs of our children. We believe it is both an honor and a responsibility to reaffirm the worth and dignity of our country's children, to champion their cause, and through them, to create an enlightened citizenry.

How do we "Champion" Children?

As an agency both directly and indirectly involved in the lives of virtually all children in the Cumberland, Dauphin, Perry and Northern York Counties, the CAIU is in a unique position to coordinate the Champions for Children campaign in this area. Working with the CAIU staff and service agencies, the CAIU develops programs and addresses the needs of many special education students in the capital region. The Champions for Children fund furthers these efforts by identifying and responding to very specific individual and group needs. We cultivate a sense in our community that student needs can be assisted by some small but strategically placed additional resources.

How is Champions for Children funded? 

Contributions are accepted, fundraisers are conducted and individuals donate their time. No tax monies are involved in funding Champions for Children.

How is the money used? 

Champions for Children money is spent in accordance with the belief statement developed by the Capital Area Intermediate Unit Champions for Children foundation. The possibilities for Champions for Children are limited only by our resources. We attempt to provide new and vital support to important issues and difficult situations. Champions for Children funds have been used to purchase equipment (wheelchairs, hearing aids, glasses, computers, etc.); clothing (coats, hats, gloves, etc.); provide money for student forums, workshops and conferences for parents among other things.

How are funds requested, approved, or denied?

A "CAIU Champions for Children Request Form" can be downloaded from this webpage or you may contact Kellie Custer at You will need to describe the situation for which you are requesting funds and explain how the student(s) involved will benefit directly, if the request is approved. Also, you will need to indicate the relationship of the student(s) to the CAIU and describe other sources of revenue you have explored.

Requests are emailed or mailed to the Champions for Children Coordinating Committee Chairperson. The chairperson distributes the requests to the committee for voting, informs the requester of the approval/denial of the request and coordinates the payment of funds if approved. During each meeting, the committee will review any outstanding requests for funds or requests by others to conduct fund-raisers, review the financial status of the foundation, and discuss and decide upon any other pertinent issues. Additional meetings will be held only as needed. The secretary will inform members by memo or phone of any additional meetings.

What happens after a request is submitted?

After a request is approved by the program supervisor (to confirm that program budget funds are not appropriate for the request), the form is sent to the committee for review. The committee members are asked to approve or reject the request. A majority vote is needed to approve a request.

If the requester has indicated that they would be willing to purchase the items and receive reimbursement, they will be notified of the approval. Following the purchase of the items, receipts are submitted and reimbursement is processed.

If the requester is not able/willing to seek reimbursement, information on specific costs (i.e. invoices, links to purchase, etc) can be provided. The items will be purchased and provided to the requester.

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More Information

Kellie Custer, Chair,
CAIU Champions for Children

To request funds, download and submit the form below:Request Form

Download a copy of our brochure:

Champions for Children Brochure

Ways to Donate

Checks made payable to Champions for Children
and mailed to:

Capital Area Intermediate Unit
c/o Champions for Children
55 Miller St Enola, PA 17025

Get Involved!

Contact Kellie Custer at to let her know that you would like to join the committee and for the schedule of committee meetings if you would like to attend a meeting. The meetings are held at the Enola Office.