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Threats & Threat Assessment

The CAIU is committed to assertively addressing threats to our schools and programs. The IU prohibits any student from communicating threats directed at students, employees, Board members, community members or property owned, leased or being used by the CAIU. As such we have developed a threat assessment process for assessing and intervening with students whose behavior may indicate a threat to the safety of the student, other students, school employees, school facilities, the community and others.

Threats are concerning communications or behaviors that suggest a person may intend to harm themselves or someone else. These may be expressed or communicated behaviorally, orally, visually, in writing, electronically or through any other means. Threats can be either direct (directed toward the target) or indirect (communicated through a third party). Threats can be also be deduced through an individual's behavior.

Threat assessments will be conducted by members of the CAIU's Threat Assessment Team. This team is made up of CAIU counselors, social workers, school psychologists, principals/program supervisors, and the CAIU Supervisor of Safety & Security. These individuals are trained in the threat assessment process and serve as members of the IU's Threat Assessment Team.

Threats should be reported immediately to a social worker or an administrator when school is in session. When school is not in session, we encourage the use of the Safe2Say platform (accessed through the downloadable application, online at or at 1-844-SAF2SAY).

CAIU Safety & Security


Jeremy W. Freeland
Supervisor of Safety & Security

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