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CAIU Overview

The Capital Area Intermediate Unit (CAIU) is one of 29 regional educational service agencies as well as a member of  the Pennsylvania Association of Intermediate Units PAIU. We serve Cumberland, Dauphin, Perry, and northern York counties in south central PA.

CAIU provides cost-effective programs to our  24 member school districts, 2 area vocational technical schools, over 50 non-public schools, and several charter and cyber schools.  In addition, CAIU serves as a professional partner and liaison between our local school districts and the Department of Education. 

The CAIU offers a wide range of services including, Curriculum Services, Technology, Special Education, Staff Development, Pupil Services, Nonpublic School Services (ANPS), Cooperative Statewide Projects, Other Core and Support Services to Our districts

The CAIU offers a wide range of services to our districts. These services include curriculum, technology, special education, and staff development. CAIU also offers pupil services, nonpublic school services (Aid to Non-Public Schools or ANPS), and other core and support services. In addition, we participate in cooperative statewide projects.

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