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  • Making the Transition

    by Mark Hennes | Jan 22, 2018
    This week's post speaks to the transition that all new leaders must face as they enter into a new leadership position.
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  • GUEST BLOG: Dirty Hands

    by Mark Hennes | Jan 08, 2018
    This week's blog is a great reminder from Dr. Aiken for leaders to be out front and visible. They need to get their hands "dirty" and show that they share the burdens of the their team.
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  • On Being Last

    by Mark Hennes | Dec 11, 2017
    This week's post talks about different approaches that leaders can use to check on how their organization is performing.
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  • GUEST BLOG: Leading Change? Don’t Forget Your Communications Plan

    by Mark Hennes | Dec 04, 2017
    Too often, leaders leave the communications plan as a last minute item. This week's blog stresses the importance of clearly and thoughtfully communicating with your stakeholders.
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  • That’s The Way We Did It Last Year

    by Mark Hennes | Nov 20, 2017
    How do we break out of a rut? Today's post offers some ideas to refresh our skills and procedures.
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  • GUEST BLOGGER: Trusting the Teleworkers

    by Mark Hennes | Nov 06, 2017
    Today's tech-savvy employees demand a modern working environment, but how can this work in the education sector? Find out from this week's Guest Blogger.
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Welcome to the EdLeader Notebook!  I’ll post insights and advice to leaders and aspiring leaders in the education community every two weeks.  I’ll base many of these posts on my experience in the Army, but I hope that you’ll find them relevant to your leadership role. 

Accompanying each blog post you’ll see two yellow boxes.  The first is a Get It Done list of helpful tips to start taking action on the insights that you’ve just read about.  The second is a relevant quote from a famous, or perhaps infamous, leader that should help you to remember the advice.

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Hennes Photo2Mark Hennes has been the Special Projects Supervisor at CAIU since 2007.  In this position, he provides leadership, management, and coordination on a variety of projects for the PA Department of Education, our local school districts, and the CAIU departments.  His focus is on developing new initiatives and creating innovative services to solve problems for these clients.  He joined CAIU following a 26 year career in the Army.  While in the Army, Mark was a highly successful platoon leader, company commander, battalion commander, and finally the Chief of Staff for a 3,400 person corps artillery unit. His last Army assignment was as a faculty member at the US Army War College.    

Mark has a BS from the US Military Academy at West Point, an MA from Georgetown University, and an MSS from the US Army War College. He trained as an executive leadership coach at the Center for Creative Leadership and is certified to interpret and provide feedback on personality assessments by Hogan Assessments, the global leader in workplace assessments.

Contact him at, or follow him on Twitter at @markmhennes. 

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