Regional Blended Learning Grant Challenge (2014-2015)

During the 2014-15 school year, CAIU will administer a competitive grant process to assist its local schools in implementing a blended, or personalized, learning environment.  Through a combination of planning grants and a launch grant, the primary goals are to spur wider and deeper thinking and discussion about new teaching and learning environments, and to crystalize that into actual implementation.  The grant selectees will serve as useful examples to other schools in order to advance the implementation of personalized learning throughout our region. The secondary goal is to test and refine CAIU support mechanisms for personalized learning, in order to better support transformation in other schools.  CAIU’s process will closely mirror the successful, national Next Generation Learning Challenge process and requirements.  Based on the expected success of this initiative, CAIU envisions subsequent grant programs in partnership with national organizations.

Key Points:

  • Participation is limited to public middle and high school buildings from the 24 school districts within the CAIU service region.
  • Planning and implementation must result in systemic, building-wide change.  Proposals for limited implementations such as “school-within-a-school” will not be funded.
  • School Building teams will be required to design, develop, and implement a learning environment in which learning experiences for all students are tailored to their individual developmental needs, skills, and interests; in which advanced teaching practices utilizing technology-enhanced, blended learning models and techniques support all learners; and in which leadership and management practices inspire, motivate, and support the new learning environment.
  • Separate grants will be awarded for planning and launch (implementation).  Three planning grants were awarded in October 2014 to Northern Middle School, East Pennsboro Middle School, and Cumberland Valley High School. A single launch grant will be awarded in April 2015 for up to $400,000. Note that the launch grant will support a building implementation beginning in August 2015 (Academic Year 15-16), leading to complete building transformation within 3 years.
Click here for information on the current grant round.

CAIU gratefully acknowledges the generous support of our Partners of Education, without whom this challenge would not be possible.

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For additional information, please contact:

Mark Hennes
Supervisor - Special Projects

(717)732-8400, Ext. 8427